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"We partner with 'the street' to provide holistic, innovative solutions for pension plan programs."
Michael W. Peskin, CEO

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Plan your risks.
Don't risk your plans.

There is no such thing as “safe risk”. But there are ways to calculate it, allocate it and target your exposure to get results. Hudson Pilot dedicates its knowledge, experience and resources to helping you enjoy maximum results for your pension plans.

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Manage your risk.
Multiply your results.

Hudson Pilot advisors are experienced in asset liability analysis, capital markets, corporate finance and integrated solutions. HP seeks to strategically and tactically manage asset exposure to take advantage of market opportunities and to achieve its clients’ goals.

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Overview and Mission

Hudson Pilot is dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative solutions to the financial management of pension plans and endowments.

Our mission is to assist clients in setting and managing goals through enterprise-wide focused analysis and solutions.